Hello and welcome to Drum Labs!

My name is Darren Bastian, founder of Drum Labs. Since 2012, I have worked to create a home for all types of percussion music. The idea comes from my experience as a student at the University of North Texas, where there were so many different options for percussionists that it was like percussion heaven! Well, I thought, I would like to do that in my home state of Utah and help create an environment where percussion thrives in many forms.

Percussion is not like other instrument types. When you decide to be a percussionist, in a lot of ways, you decide to become an "everything-ist." Anything and everything can be considered a percussion instrument, including our own bodies! That being said, percussionists generally accumulate a lot of gear. In a young student's mind, only schools have that kind of gear, but unfortunately many schools are not able to provide specialized instruction on percussion instruments. This is understandable since music teachers have so much on their plate.

This is why Drum Labs exists, to give percussionists a place to learn their special craft from experts who live in the industry. For students, it can supplement their education and enhance their abilities. For adults and enthusiasts, it can be a fun place to be in a thriving percussion environment.

One of my biggest reasons for going beyond just teaching private lessons was to get people together to make music in Percussion Ensembles. Percussionists, like any other instrumentalists, thrive in group settings where they can collaborate with colleagues of similar ability. It takes at least two to make music meaningful: creator and listener. Creating together as a group is all the more satisfying.

Drum Labs has the tools and curriculum you need to achieve these goals, plus you will have a great time doing it! Located in Pleasant Grove and serving all areas of Utah Valley, Drum Labs offers the best in drum and percussion lessons, as well as a variety of ensembles and steel bands.